Since beginning my journey in the fine jewelry industry in April of 1994, the joy of witnessing the smiles of satisfied clients has always been my greatest pleasure, fueling my sense of purpose. After spending many years at a luxury jewelry retailer, I embarked on a new adventure by launching DivinityByDrewB in November 2020. This decision was profoundly influenced by my faith, especially during a challenging period of my life. In those moments of turmoil, I found an overwhelming sense of peace, feeling carried through by the Lord. The Bible served as a reminder of God's provision in my life, ensuring all my needs were met even through the toughest times. The passage from Proverbs 3:5-6 resonated deeply with me, reinforcing my trust in God's plan.

Despite the uncertainty of starting this business, I felt guided by a divine hand that brought the right people, vendors, and resources into my life, opening my heart to trust more deeply in His path. It's a testament to faith, showing that even in the midst of life's storms, we are drawn closer to our creator, laying the foundation for this business. DivinityByDrewB stands as a reflection of this journey, established with the belief that if God cares for the birds in the sky, surely He provides for us, His children. I continue to place my trust in Him, allowing that faith to guide every aspect of this venture.

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The reason I started wholesaling was to transform the way we experience fine jewelry, making it a journey of discovery rather than doubt. At DivinityByDrewB, we recognize that the process of buying jewelry can sometimes feel pressured, leaving you wondering if you’ve truly found the best value.

Our approach is designed to remove that pressure, ensuring you can make your purchase with confidence, supported by the knowledge that you're receiving exceptional quality at up to 70% off traditional retail prices. This commitment is at the heart of our mission, providing a transparent, honest, and fulfilling experience for every client.





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